Pinterest Link Up Wed

So next month I am doing a giveaway for our Link up it will be random and it will only go to the person who linked up with the best pinterests of the week. Keep an eye out I will announce it in my Talk Tuesday the day before. The rules are simple go to pinterest pick a quote, an outfit, something for the upcoming holiday, and something odd. Put the pictures up with a sentence or two describing why you picked it and then link up at the bottom.

Quote ~ Well……..

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

Outfit ~ I am not the flowery type but if I had a job this would be one of my go to looks.

Source: via Tramaine on Pinterest

Memorial Day ~ A pretty smoothie for breakfast on Monday

Source: via Super Healthy Kids on Pinterest

Something Odd ~ I have many questions like is this as tall as it looks…that is really the main question I have.

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Whats up Tuesday

News of the week

1. On the right side of my page you can see all my little buttons the last button is the hubs new business venture. I work with him but only doing the branding side he does the websites. Click on the button that says Focus Dezign and check out his website. We did a soft blast last week and he has steady work coming in for the rest of the month. He has been doing websites for over 3 years but just did it for people to be nice. He knows coding so he does build from scratch. I told him he needed to start his own business but he never listened to me until now. I do the branding of companies which include their media kits, social media info, marketing, and analysis of other companies/blogs. I know I cuss a lot and can be a tad hood but I do have a bachelors degree in Business with a concentration in management and marketing so just know I have a degree to back up what I do. I am actually pretty good at branding (yes I am tooting my own horn) I have done about 50 companies as a whole over a 6 year span. So if you need anything holla at me we don’t have prices up on the website because we work with your budget and besides everyone’s needs are different I don’t like packaging because you may not need everything in a package deal.

2. Groups on Facebook are nice its a great way to get to know others and join a fab group of people. I belonged to about 14 groups…..some of them are great others are not. Last week I decided to cut that number down drastically and now only do 5 groups. I only want to join groups that will help me succeed. I don’t need the attitude, I don’t need the over selling, I don’t need a group of people who are cliquish its a group we are a clique as a whole not just a few select people out of the group. If you know of any great groups to join let me know I would love to check them out. I don’t want to go pass 8 groups anymore social media is a lot to keep up with.

3. Old Diseases Coming back~ Have you noticed some of these old diseases coming back. I have heard at least 3 people having scarlet fever, someone the other day had chicken pox I was like but don’t you get a shot for that. I was confused but why are they coming back. Vaccines are important but do they cause things instead of preventing them. Have you noticed any old diseases coming back in your neck of the woods?


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Convo at Dman’s Play

pics 219

My son had a play on Tuesday that I found out about on Monday…..he didn’t tell me and the teacher forgot to mention it I am going to blame it on them. Normally if I have something to do I write it on my calendar so it may have been mentioned but since it was not on my calendar I blame the teacher and the boy for not telling me in advance. Anywhoo we went to the play. Let me say this before I get into the conversation I hate when people use their ipads/tablets to take pictures or record videos that mess looks ridiculous invest in a regular camera or use your phone.

Dman said he was the snail in the play and he didn’t have anything to say what he didn’t tell me was that the snail was one of the main characters with him having the part to himself and coming on stage 3 different times doing funny things. I had no idea he was an actor he did an awesome job and had the audience laughing…I don’t know where he got it from *side eye*

I got there late because we had to stop and get something to eat so I had to sit in the back when I saw that he had a main part I managed to find a seat in the middle of the auditorium so I could get closer to tape him and get a good picture. I am 5’2 and parents were standing in front of me so I had to stand on tippy toe to see the stage.

Man behind me: Lady with the blue on (I had on a turquoise sweater shawl on because my blouse was sleeveless) sit

Me: I knew he was talking to me but I was gonna get a picture of my baby you taller than me stand your ass up if you can’t see besides I am not a dog who the hell he think he talking too. (I said this to myself)

Man behind me: Lady you need to sit now

Me: *looked back* When I am done taking my sons picture if you want to see stand your ass up don’t you have two feet or you can just roll over and maybe you can see then. (since he talked to me like I was a dog I talked to him the same)

Man: he started to say something else but his wife hit him and he said nothing more

Conclusion: I did eventually sit down after my son was finished. I didn’t get any good pictures at all. When you ask someone to sit down ask nicely or you will get ignored. I am on the board at the school so I must conduct myself in a decent manner but I will cuss you out in a heartbeat if you try me.

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Pinterest Wednesday

It’s whump day and to make it a little easy today we take a look at my favorite place. In June I will be doing a giveaway to all those that link up so make sure you stay tuned its my way of saying thanks to those who take the time to join us for Pinterest Wed. You know the drill quote, outfit, something for the upcoming holiday (memorial day), and something odd. Link is at the bottom

Quote ~ 3 simple words

Outfit ~ I love rompers but can’t find them to fit my big behind one day though I will wear one….

Source: via Planet Blue on Pinterest

Memorial Day ~ Makes me want to have a party.

Source: via Marianne on Pinterest

Something Odd ~ Well this is not really odd but it is different to me lol. The new cover of Kokoa June 1st here we come.

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Whats going on with Kita

News of the week

1. I am gearing up to have our first ever twitter party for Kokoa Magazine. I am looking for sponsors so if you know of any friendly ones who want to promote their business then please leave me their information in the comments so I can contact them. I have been busy sending out emails this weekend with our media kit looking for at least 4 companies to help us sponsor our party. The party will be at the end of July to mark our one year anniversary of Kokoa magazine..yes one year already. The party  will be about real life questions that will provoke some things in you and have you thinking about life. It will be in the weekday at night so I am hoping for a good turn out I think having sponsors will get people to come. So I will let you all know when the time is near and I hope you all sign up for the party.

2. Ladies lets talk about our periods. I see some of you exercise, I see some of you always on the go to events and what nots. Some of y’all act like you don’t have any care in the world. How is this and what is your secret? I need to know cause it seems like you all don’t get periods. I don’t go anywhere when I am on I don’t plan any activities and I don’t do shat but some of you all I wonder so I need to know. I am being nosy so spill the beans did yours stop, did you have surgery, do you not come on because of birth control pills what is it.

3. My son has his blog up and he is ready to get to his summer project. The name of the blog is Dman is talking   he has written a post and he will be on there during the summer. He will post twice a week and link up with other kid bloggers from around the world in a little community. He will post about his fashion, talking about his favorite thing superheroes, and he will be reading stories and commenting on the books during the summer. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

4. Aarons arrest people for not paying that bill huh. The story is here . You know Aarons right the place where you buy appliances and pay them a grip a month this is the place us poor people go when we can’t buy stuff cash. We have used Aarons in the past when we had to get a new fridge and didn’t have the cash to buy one and because I have babies we needed a fridge so we got a 700 dollar fridge but actually paid almost 2 grand for it. Yep we knew what was happening but we didn’t have a choice its paid for now thank goodness but to send people to jail ridiculous they can just come and get their stuff can’t they…apparently not they want you to pay or go to jail.

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What kind of mother am I

Mother's Day Letter

You don’t have to birth a child to be a mother. As long as you give a child time, help them, babysit a few, teach a few, or adopt you are a mother in my eyes. Normally I talk about losing my own mother during mothers day but this mothers day I will not dwell on it because I know she is in heaven watching me do my thing and I am okay with that….for now. I always get asked what kind of mother am I? Let me give it to you in a nutshell

M ~ I am a mean mother. At least my kids think so and that’s fine with me. I don’t play. I am not their friend. I am a mother.

O ~ I am an old school mother because I was brought up the old school way and its what I stand by I really don’t care who agrees with me or not its my kids and my household.

T ~ I tell my kids the truth. I don’t sugarcoat with them at all. My mother didn’t sugar coat with me and I will not do it with them. Whatever they ask I will tell them the truth. My son asked me the other day if one day he will put his dingaling in a girl. I did not bat an eye I said yes you will when you are of age to do so. Your dad will tell you how, when, and what to do in a few years.

H ~ I am human. I will make mistakes and I am not perfect. I want to make sure my kids are aware that we will make mistakes and as I am learning to be the best mom I can I will make some mistakes but I do what I do out of love and what I think is best at that time.

E ~ I believe in education. I don’t play about it my kids do not watch tv nor play any toys or tablets in the weekday. We are about business around here. From 3 to 6 we do hw if he doesn’t have any (which is rare) I make up some. This summer I have a lesson plan for both kids.

R ~ Mothers are always right. This is up there with the customer is always right thing I am still unsure about that but I like to think that what I do is the right thing for my family. It may not fit your family but its right for me.

Happy Mothers day to all.

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Pinterest Wednesday

We are back with our quote, outfit, mothers day, and something odd. Enjoy link is at the bottom.

Quote ~ I don’t have low goals cause that would be to easy what is life if you are not trying to reach the impossible.

Source: via Eke on Pinterest

Outfit~ My mothers day outfit……exactly in this order because I will be lounging in my bed.

Source: via Shannon @ on Pinterest

Mothers Day ~ I love cookies and these are so pretty.

Source: via Patricia Shea Design Confections on Pinterest

Something Odd ~ Looks at the shoes upside down….nope still looks weird…..

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Whats going on in my world

News of the week

1. This post on my Kokoa website got the most views since I started Kokoa almost one year ago. Its about people doing the same type of business. Go and weigh in with your thoughts would love to hear what you have to say. Speaking of Kokoa I do have a newsletter. I love that people are signing up for them but I get the feeling that many are not reading. How do I know this people ask me questions when the answers are in the newsletter. Read what you think I do newsletters for…my health?

2. Insomnia can be a real problem. I think I suffer from it I am still in denial but I don’t sleep well at night. I try to be in bed by 11 but I get so much work done at night that I don’t want to stop. I do shut down by 12 most nights then I lay in the bed and browse pinterest til I fall off to sleep at around 1 in the morning. My alarm goes off at 6 but the hubs is a morning person so he is up by 5 and disturbs my sleep. Most nights I get 4 hours of sleep then I make it up with an hour nap in the day time so I get a total of 5 hours within a 24hr period. I have got to find a way to get more rest at night but its so quiet at night and everyone is asleep…*sigh*

3. Does anyone have a crash course on how to use LinkedIn? I am so confused over there. People send me requests to join my network I don’t know who half these people are. My profile over there is empty as hell. I don’t know the rules of engaging over there. I am so confused by it. I put up blog posts and I seem to get some traffic from that but I don’t know what to do. This and google + is like foreign to me I guess this is how people feel about twitter huh. I need help anyone want to give me a crash course pretty please?

4. The hubs says we need to be more serious on losing weight. His belly looks like a beer belly and he does not drink beer. My belly looks like it shriveled up and died. I have started making small changes but he has not done anything to help me with the changes or support me. I asked him to have a meatless day with me he said hell no. I asked him to walk with me in our neighborhood he says he is tired. I am still doing my small changes I lose a lot of weight during the summer because I don’t eat nothing its too hot to cook so I eat a lot of salads and milkshakes. I told him when I get back fine other men will want me he said..nah  ain’t nobody gonna put up with your attitude….he might be right.

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Zaxbys is going down

So as most of you know Chick Fil A (I call it da chick for short ain’t nobody got time to spell chick fil a out all the time but I did it for those who may be confused) now has salads. Exhibit A


I heard about the salads from someone I follow on Instagram so I went and got me a plate. I get to the line I am thinking they gonna have some regular salad dressings…..

Da Chick: Ma’am which salad would you like

Me: Hold up……(they have 3 to choose from you would think I would be able to pick out one but I am familiar with Zaxbys not da chick so I had a hard time choosing)

Me: Ommm yeah let me get the Cobb salad

Da Chick: Which dressing would you like

Me: *all ghetto* I don’t know hold up a sec

I read the salad dressings and all of them said fat free except for the apple cider vinaigrette and ranch

Me: So….all y’all got is fat free shat…(yes I did cuss I forgot for a second to be professional but I said shat not the other word)

Da Chick: Ma’am you can get ranch or Apple cider

Me: I can’t decide I will let you know when I get to the window is that okay

Da chick: Yes your total 12 bucks……

Me: What the …(I did order a large drink and a 1 chicken kid meal for the baby but gotdam)

I get to the window

Da chick: Ma’am have you decided what dressing you wanted.

Me: Why y’all got all fat free stuff I don’t like fat free dressing tastes fat free….

she laughs I was not laughing

Me: Okay give me the vinaigrette one I will need 2 packs I hope that’s not extra…..

Conclusion: Yeah I am not on a diet tried it and I am not cut out for the diet game. I understand you want to be health conscious but I am already eating a salad must I give up my dressings too. The salad was the bomb and the dressing was pretty good. It was very fulling I ate it around 1:30 and did not eat again that day. I still love zaxby and they are cheaper by a dollar but this salad right here….I may have to say bye bye to my beloved zaxby.



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Pinterest Wednesday

We are back at it. Join in with your quote, outfit, something for mothers day, and something odd. Link up is at the bottom.

Quote ~ People say just get a job if you are poor but if I don’t make a certain amount of money I will be working for nothing. Know my options before you tell me what I need to do.

Source: via Rylee on Pinterest

Outfit ~ I have a 30th birthday party to go to next month and everyone is suppose to have on some type of white….I think I have found what I will be wearing.

Source: via Hillary on Pinterest

Mothers Day ~ So cute I wonder how they get the pictures on hmmmmm

Source: via SaywhatUwanna on Pinterest

Something Odd ~ So instead of putting my number in I can just swipe…..yes I want it.

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