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1. This was so cute. I have heard some controversy about this video like it was set up and they are actors, and they knew about the gas camera before hand. I even saw somewhere where this was not their first time doing this. What do you think? Fake or real? Whatever it is I thought it was fun the husband is like turnt up lol

2. Everyone is engaged Evelyn from basketball wives, Gabrielle union whom I could have sworn was already engaged. Congrats to all the newly engaged people the rate goes up around Christmas and New Year. If you are married how did you get engaged? I was not proposed to properly I was young and dumb and should have demanded more. My hubs came home one random evening threw the ring box on the bed and said so when we gon do this….no knee, no elaborate engagement,….nothing. He has a chance to redo it on our upcoming 10 yr anniversary I want him to propose to me correctly or there will be trouble and I mean that. Check out this story which is so cute about a proposal that I thought was different and unique.

3. Speaking of Gabrielle Union….what y’all think about this baby mama drama while her and her boo was on a break….Ludacris is caught up too in the same type mess having a baby while on “break”. My hubs and I had fights when we were going together and we called ourselves taking a break but his ass was not fool enough to have no baby hell our breaks were never that long the longest one was probably 48hrs. Men will cheat on you and you could be the most beautiful creature on earth. Why do you think these men can’t keep their members clean while on break?


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  1. It’s one thing to get with someone else while you’re on a break. No bueno. But to sleep with someone unprotected – What Thee Eff? Nah man, you can keep that. I don’t care how much money you have. If you randomly slinging it around and unprotected too, I’m convinced you’re trying to kill me. No amount of money can fix that.

  2. Because they think its a free pass. They already know they are gonna get back with shorty so they might as well play until they do. Getting the other girl knocked up is just stupid. I’m sure plenty of men do this, but don’t end up with a baby–I mean cmon son.

    I got engaged at disneyworld, in front of the castle, with the fireworks and the whole nine. I am cheesy like that, he knew it and I loved every second.

  3. Britton says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Dwade and Gabby was on no break. I think they are saying that to save face! Anyway, my proposal was wack too! It was during the Chrismtas holidays as well, and when I opened the gift, I asked what’s this? He says, “It’s an engagement ring…I want you to be my wife” all non-chalantly…So I was like…”are you asking me or TELLING me you want to marry me?” Girl…a mess. LOL!

  4. Krissy says:

    I loved that video! It was so fun. They didn’t seem like actors to me but if they were, they’re damn good ones!

    I want to be proposed to correctly so I’m gonna say no and I’m so serious about that!

    I don’t do breaks! I think that’s just silly as hell. If we’re on a break that means we need to break up. There are no time outs in real life. And like Cam said, whats with being on a break and having unprotected sex? That’s just ridiculous to me!

  5. LaShawn says:

    I’m not really concerned that these men slept with someone else while on “break”. What bothers me, disgusts me, makes me want to hurl is that they slept with someone else UNPROTECTED. Just nasty. Just trifling.

    I got engaged on the phone. No joke. He said maybe we should get married. I said yeah ok. And about two weeks later we went to the courthouse. *SERIOUS SIDE EYE*

  6. Jenni says:

    Oh, that video is hilarious, fake or not!!
    He should have wrapped it up or double checked for holes or something! However, if Gabby likes it, I love it.
    My husband proposed on the observatory deck of the Empire State Building.

  7. He purchased the ring, we broke up a month later. I returned it for a diamond cross, bracelet, earrings and a smaller ring. It was a whopper, but he was dead WRONG. He keeps saying we are gonna do it right, I don’t know when or if that will happen.

  8. All this baby making and taking breaks are too much for me. Gabrielle was once the side piece so I have no feeling of sorrow for her. She’s been just as much a basketball groupie as an actress. I think she gets more income from her groupie ways.

    There’s no way I could accept a child made during the course of our relationship, break or no break.

    I think the couple is cute. If it was a set up, that’s OK too because they are entertaining and did a good job.

  9. Bernetta says:

    I love that video! I found myself smiling the whole time! He and his wife were getting it! And if they were acting, they deserve an award. And so what if they are acting, it entertained me! Now as for Gabby, I am tired of people bashing her for her BOO getting someone pregnant! She didn’t fool around he did! Leave her alone! Stop letting the man get a pass. Basically Dwayne and Luda both got a little summin on the side and whoops, got them pregnant!! The crazy thing is, how are they with their main chicks for years and not get them pregnant, but a few round in the hay with randoms and whalaa!!

  10. Tracie says:

    My husband proposed in the bathroom!! LMAO! Seriously, so unromantic. . .but I think he tried to tie it in to our current situation at the time. We were co-habitating (read: shacking up) and it was formerly his apartment and it was SMALL. He was always trying to come in the bathroom and get something while I was in there and it used to annoy the hell out of me! So he came in one morning, I screamed and he got down on one knee and I screamed again and he said he wanted to marry me and buy me a house with more than one bathroom. LOL! It’s been 12 years and 3 bathrooms later we’re still together! :-))

    Gabby & D. Wade: It’s their business but because it’s playing out in the media we’re all involved. . .my two cents if you’re on a “break” then you’re on a “break” from sex too with me and anybody else! And if you need to be “broke off” then you need to protect ME and yourself by wearing a damn condom! I mean really. What is he, 15?! That’s the most trifling part to me. You’re a GROWN man allegedly, use your brain!!

  11. Sam Yek says:

    I unknowingly planned my own proposal. He let me plan our entire day and he proposed at dinner. Had I had any clue I would have chosen a nicer restaurant. Lol
    As far as Gabby and D.Wade I think they are only saying they were on a break because it looks better than just admitting he cheated. Judging by the way he treated his ex wife I wouldn’t expect him to treat Gabby any different.

  12. That video was cute! Sweet dreams is in the BODYCOMBAT release I’m teaching right now, so that’s all I could think of when the wife starts singing. It looks authentic to me. It’s not all that funny to have faked it.

    I’ve had 2 not so good marriage proposals, maybe third times a charm :)!

  13. KalleyC says:

    I totally want a do over with my proposal. Mr. C was asking me for one year straight–no joke. Got down on his knees and everything, but it just seemed like a huge running joke. One day he took me to the jewelry store, and said we’re picking out your engagement ring. I was like hmm okay, sure. True to his word we bought one that day. I would so love to have the surprise and all the jazz.

  14. Katherine G says:

    1. I thought this video was so cute and funny.
    2. I thought my proposal was sweet. My husband surprised me with it after I got off the bus. He didn’t get on one knee but it meant the world to me that he asked
    3. I think I would be hurt if that happened to me. Especially so quickly. Don’t need any added drama.

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