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So remember when I said I was going to start trying things from pinterest instead of just pinning them? Well we will start off with the first thing I made this year. I am taking these with my cell phone because I don’t feel like bringing out my big boi. My camera phone sucks but you will deal. My quote, outfit, and something for the holiday is below the drink. The Something I did will replace the something odd for some of the posts.

Pineapple Lime Punch

Pineapple Lime Punch

Above is the picture from pinterest……below is the one I made.

Pinapple lime punch

Mines was not as green as I would like but the drink…..omg so good.

Quote ~ I do worry about what others think but only those that matter. If you don’t matter to me what you think is none of my concern.

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Outfit ~ Love this

Casual Outfitsource

Valentines ~ I am starting now to find something for the kids classmates …this won’t be it

Cute little mini valentines cakes! <3 FOLLOW ME FOR MORE VALENTINE IDEAS <3




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15 Responses to Pinterest Wednesday

  1. Mimi says:

    That drink sounds interesting. I looooove me some pineapple but definitely not a fan of lime. When I come to your house will you make me a glass?!!!

    I agree. When I let go of the need to care what people think of me I really started to live at that point. Amazing people can alter their own lives based on what someone else thinks and the truth of the matter is even when you do that they still will find some reason not to like you.

  2. That drink looks and sounds delicious! I love that quote and LOVE that outfit!-Ashley

  3. I wanna try the pineapple lime punch! I am a sucker for a good juice. and I love love the top from the outfit!

  4. Tracie says:

    I’m going to have to try that drink! And that shirt with the coppery looking sparkles is gorgeous! I wish I had that for an outing I’m going to this weekend! Good luck with trying more Pins this year! I love Pinterest but sometimes the goodness is overwhelming! LOL!

  5. LaShawn says:

    I want to try the drink .I love pineapple and have great memories of pineapple soda. The Lime part..hmmm…..
    I love the quote, it’s so true. I still have issues every now and then when insecurities come up, but for the most part, I have come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like everything i do. Or agree with it. Or like me. And that’s fine.
    I want that purse…

  6. That punch we all would drink that, a nice alternative to just Koolaid. The quote on point as usual, love it. That outfit, we were thinking the same thing, jeans, boots and warmth. That treat looks very sweet, so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. I was the cooking mom though.

  7. Candace says:

    Now I want that punch, I love Pineapples and limes. I agree and have learned to not care about the opinion of someone I don’t even know or care about. I’ve been trying more pins from Pinterest too, no disasters yet

  8. Kim says:

    That quote is so true!! I went through all of high school worried about what other people thought of me (in reality they probably weren’t even thinking about me at all!).

  9. I love the quote and I agree with your take on it. That’s the same way I am.

  10. Oh, I haven’t had some pineapple lime punch in a minute. My mom used to throw Christmas and Thanksgiving parties and this is one of the punches she would always make. Thanks for posting because I’m going to try it with my kids; share a little something from my childhood.

    And you hit the nail on the head with that quote. You can’t let what people think of you hinder you from moving forward or just living the life you want period! Somebody is going to be unhappy or have something to say either way. Just make sure the unhappy person isn’t you.

  11. I wanna try the juice. Yum!

    Love the outfit. I found a similar sweatshirt recently and I love it!

  12. Britton says:

    That drink looks good! I love me some pineapple! It’s hard to believe we need to start thinking about Valentine’s Day stuff already…and yes, that idea you posted DEFINITELY aint one of them!

  13. KalleyC says:

    Now I’m thirsty! I wanna try that drink! The outfit–I love it.. I LOVE IT! Okay, I’ll tone it down, but seriously, I can see myself wearing that like almost all the time (I say almost, cause at some point it would have to be washed :-P )

  14. Krissy says:

    I want some juice! I love most things with pineapple in them.

  15. Katherine G says:

    1. That drink looks so delicious!!

    2. This is and has always been my biggest problem. I am so working on it.

    3. That outfit is so cute!! I love it!!

    4. That looks so delicious!!

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