Drunk in love

I have to now get use to writing 2014 I just got use to 2013. In other news the talk over the holiday break was the new beyonce or yonce (I like that name better) album. I am not a beyonce fan but her work ethic is nice. If I do buy her songs it will be singles not the entire album. On this new album I only like 2 songs so those are the two I purchased. One of those two that I purchased is Drunk in love.

Such a nasty song for my virgin ears so I thought I would have fun with the hubs here is how the conversation went.

Me: I want to go surfboarding

Hubs: ……….okay…good for you. Do you know anyone who surfs?

Me: Yes yonce does it on her new song

Hubs: oh who is that one of your twitter friends

Me: no I don’t follow her

Hubs: Oh well then surfboard then, do you, let me know how that goes

Me: okay *runs to fill up the tub halfway like I learnt on social media*

So…..I won’t go into details but we didn’t do that shat right the hubs was not pleased at me trying new stuff he just wanted to get to it. I kept prolonging things trying to do it right he was like eff this shat anna mae………..so he has heard the song huh *low side eye*

I feel so old that I had to look up terms and stuff to some of these songs. I use to know what stuff meant and now…..I am lost. Oh well I did something right cause he can’t keep his hands of my phatty………okay I lied he can’t keep his hands of my panny….pancake cause I have no ass.


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21 Responses to Drunk in love

  1. Andrea says:

    Funniest thing I’ve read all year. Social media taught me about surfboarding as well…lmbo. I’ll stay on land for now.

  2. oh so we starting off 2014 like that?


    (too shocked to side eye)

  3. Jenni says:

    Hilarious! *I had to Google surfboarding, I had no clue*

  4. Mimi says:

    I don’t know what surfboarding is so I shall head to google after this comment.

    Can’t keep is hand off your panny…I can’t with you. I have to use that one because I too have no arse at all!

  5. Way to get the started Kita! This is hilarious, especially the hubs slick peeping the album!

  6. Brandi says:

    Bahahaha!! You’re a mess!!!!

  7. Krissy says:

    ok so this just made me really LMAO!! You’re a damn nut!

  8. Britton says:

    KITA! You are a FOOL! I know I ain’t even going to attempt to do the surfboard because our tub is too small! LMAO! We would REALLY look fool up! LMAO! Happy New Year !

  9. You about made me spit out my drank! LOL! You are a foul! I ain’t gonna front, Yonce gone have all us married ladies trying to get brand new. Mr. has def benefited from the purchase of this album!

  10. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Speaking of old I might be behind schedule!! I haven’t gotten into any of her songs yet!! Surfboard you say??

  11. KalleyC says:

    This was just too funny! I stopped mid post and just started laughing so hard. Girl you are too funny! Way to start 2014!

  12. LOL. Move 50 Shades. Bey is helping everybody spice it up! Surfboard away.

  13. I am laughing so hard and I have NO clue and you didn’t give me enough to read between the lines. I am going to listen to the song and google what I don’t know.

  14. girl!!! Not the panny though! LOL!

  15. Quiana says:

    Best Beyonce post I’ve read yet! (and I’m with you on this: “I am not a beyonce fan but her work ethic is nice.”)

  16. I am DYING!!! I had to Google and now I am scandalized! Bwahahaha! KITA!!! –Lisa

  17. I can count on you to always keep it real, Kita. Surfboarding. Why will that image never leave my mind now? LOL

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