Convo with State Farm

So I got my bill for Jan from State Farm been with them for over 15 yrs never have too much problems with them this is maybe like my 4th problem in the last 15 yrs. To me that’s an excellent record. I normally don’t look at my bill for state farm because it’s the same thing every month but Zaza got a hold of it and said she was teaching her dolls about bills……..girl stop so I took the bill from her she had already opened it and shat. I glanced and saw that my bill was 200 something dollars I was like whaaaaaaa so I opened it up to see why and they have an extra 52 bucks on there from what I had no idea. I called them the Thursday after Christmas because I thought for sure they would be open I got no answer so I called corporate.

Me: Yes hi I am calling my local state farm seems to be closed and I was calling about an extra 50 bucks on my bill

Corporate: All agencies are supposed to be open whats the name of your agency

I give the name they put me on hold………

I get a beep on my phone it’s my agency dammit I love when corporate gets shat done. I clicked right on over

Agency: Ms Bryant we are in the office today you must have called the wrong number

Me: Haha you funny I called the number directly on my bill which is the same number you just called. I was born yesterday but not last night

Agency: We are right here I don’t know why no one picked up. Anyhow how can we help you. You have been such a faithful customer to us we would like to offer……….

Me: I ain’t call about all that why my bill up 50 something dollars

Agency: Ms Bryant let me put you on hold so I can take a look


Agency: Ms Bryant we will have to call you back I don’t know why your bill is this high and we can’t seem to figure it out.

Me: You got one hour or I will be calling back.

They called me back in 20 min

Agency: We think we charged extra for one of your insurances. Please disregard that for now and send in your regular payment.

Me: you think…….fine I need your name so I can write down date and time

Agency: Oh Ms Bryant you are fine I already documented it in the system

Me: Good now give me your name so I can document it in my system

I don’t play with these people when it comes to my bills. Always check your bills even if they are the same thing every month. Tmobile does that shat to me all the time adding extra stuff to my bill and on the bill it doesn’t really say why.

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17 Responses to Convo with State Farm

  1. Mimi says:

    Did Jake answer the phone when you called the Corporate office?!!

    You really do have to watch your bills, and your checking account. I have learned that the hard way. I had something that was supposed to auto deduct twice. They had been taking 4.95 for a whole year when I went back and looked. I need all of my $60 dollars returned. They didn’t give me a problem but you really do have to check behind folks these days.

  2. This has happened to me so many times. I have most of my major bills payment number down to the penny memorized. These companies out here play too much!! I have to check my back account daily because last year somebody stole from my bank account with itunes while I was sleeping. SMH.

  3. WHOA!! You are SO RIGHT! Always, ALWAYS check your bills and always get someone’s name to document when people tell you things, even if they swear they “put it in the computer”. We’ve caught things like this too. BAH!! –Lisa

  4. KalleyC says:

    I agree with you on this: always check those bills! These companies are slick and always trying to pull something.

  5. Quiana says:

    You are a woman after my own heart! I double/triple check everything and get $ back all the time. I love Zip Car but they are super sneaky with that type of thing. Imagine if companies do these types of things to even a small % of their clients it really does impact their bottom line and I think most folks aren’t vigilant. And the part about asking for the name of the person? Yes, that is a MUST! Irks me time and time again when friends/family members complain about customer service issue but don’t take names. Boggles my mine. I keep detailed notes and save them cause I’ve had things pop up from years back saying they weren’t paid but my documentation proves it. Swindlers!

  6. Kim says:

    I’m with you – I always check each bill and call if anything is wrong. It always irritates me because it takes at least half an hour and half the time is spent with a computer voice so I usually try to get something for free for my time – doesn’t always work but occasionally it does!!

  7. i wasn’t doing this but i am now doing it more and more because of craziness like that. and i LOVE that you demanded to get her name because goodness knows you need to keep them accountable…

  8. LaShawn says:

    Girl yes. I slip every now and then and don’t look, but I caught a few trying to slip through! ESPECIALLY those automatic payments and extra fees!

  9. Yep, I’m like LaShawn, I’ve gotten caught slipping before with this autodraft stuff but it is best practice to open and review them all and check to make sure they are drafting what they say on the bill and not a different amount.

  10. LOL “fine let me document it in my system” LOVE that!

  11. I divorced State Farm some time ago. Someone broke into my apartment, took most of my stuff, then they tried to treat me like the criminal. I ain’t liked Jake the State Farm crew since then.

    LOL @Zaza teaching the dolls about bills… that’s right girl.

  12. Krissy says:

    tmobile is good for it. I always have to check my bill with them

  13. LOL! Girl, yes you have to check the bills & read the fine print. Companies will sneak fees in and rob you upside down in a minute! “Good now give me your name so I can document it in my system.” ihollered!!!!

  14. Whitney says:

    I don’t play either Kita, I need name, your position and I document time and issue.

  15. Brandi says:

    I had an issue like that with our old insurance co. They had me listed as 25 and unmarried. Needless to say I was being billed at a higher rate. Thank goodness I decided to check one day. They did the right thing though and applied the overcharges to my policy. It was nice to not have a bill for a few months!

  16. Good for you, Kita! I’ve had beaucoup run-ins with Verizon for that same ish. If we let them, they’ll get away with murder. If we let them.

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