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*I received an invite for this event. Nothing monetary was exchanged. All opinions are my own.*

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and UPS celebrate the December 17th Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD(TM) release of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters with an exclusive charity event to support Project Linus at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta on Monday, December 16th. Inspired by the Golden Fleece in the film, event goers made handmade fleece blankets for kids in need to kick off Project Linus’ annual National Make a Blanket Day on February 15th.


My son is an avid fan of Percy Jackson so when I got the invite to attend the event at the GA Aquarium I was so happy. Not only is it a great movie but the event itself was for such a great cause.

If you have not seen the first movie you are missing out. While my son was off watching the movie I was busy looking at the many different quilts. My daughter noticed this one first….


My mom use to make quilts so I have a few that she made before she passed that look similar. They even had tables where you can join in and make quilts also.


Here is some more info about Project Linus

  • Project Linus provides blankets for kids in need all over the country
  • The 15th annual event will kick off on February 15, 2014
  • Century Fox is donating over 1,000 fleeces for blankets to be made

·      It was such an inspiring event my daughter stayed in one spot the entire time.


·         It’s easy to make a blanket at home to donate to Project Linus.  Go to for more information




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7 Responses to Project Linus

  1. AWESOME!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Georgia Aquarium. Pair it with Percy Jackson and you have a definite winner. My daughter just finished the “Sea of Monsters” book, so this reminded me to order the DVD for her for her stocking. (We haven’t seen the film so I’m glad to know it’s good!)

    MOST important is the wonderful work of Project Linus. I love that they had tables where you could help make blankets, too!! You know an event is inspiring when the kids are taken with it!! I’m going to check out the Project Linus link. What a wonderful organization!! –Lisa

  2. Tracie says:

    That sounds like a wonderful event and an even more wonderful charity! My son in a Percy Jackson fanatic! He’s read all the books and seen both movies. I bought him House of Hades and he finished it in two days! I’m an avid reader myself so it warms my heart that he shares that passion especially since more boys aren’t really readers- glad to hear you’re raising a reader too!

    Kita, I hope you and your family have a a wonderful & blessed Christmas!

  3. Krissy says:

    Thats a really nice thing! My best friends grandmother makes quilts. I love them.

    Jas would be all lover that Linus blanket! She loves him!

  4. Lashawn says:

    My grandmother used to make awesome quilts. We still have a few . I loved the Percy Jackson books. Waiting on the very last one to come out.

  5. The photo at the aquarium with the 4 little girls it way too cute :)

  6. Nellie says:

    So cool! My kids love the aquarium! This looks like a really great event, I especially love the photo of the kids, too cute.

  7. So many treats! Great event in awesome place (love the photo) for a good cause! The quilts are beautiful.

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