Pinteresting Wednesday

For those just joining me. Instead of a Wordless Wed. I do a pinterest Wed. where I give you my pick of quotes for the week, an outfit I will probably never wear, something for the upcoming holiday which is Christmas, and something odd or unique. Enjoy

Quote ~ Took me a long time to figure this out.

your calling.

Outfit~ I don’t need the necklace but the rest I love

berry skinny pants, blue button down, navy sweater, plaid scarf, tall brown boots, gold monogram necklacesource

Christmas ~ What I want……..

Canon 60D. It's taking some time to figure this camera out but so far I love it!source

Something different ~ I am going to do this…..probably not but I want too.

Love this!  Great way to dress up those ugly plastic drawers!   Plastic Drawers ReDo with step by step directions


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16 Responses to Pinteresting Wednesday

  1. That quote is so true! I must pin your pin!

  2. I LOVE that outfit!! It is fantastic! And that is a great quote! :)-Ashley

  3. Bernetta says:

    I love that quote, outfit and CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think if I got better with mine, I wouldn’t desire a different one.

  4. Jenni says:

    Love the quote and the outfit. I even like the necklace.
    Ahhh the camera. An upgrade is on my list, but there are so many things ahead of it. I’ll keep making my Rebel work.

  5. LOL @ an outfit that I’ll never wear…

    See I came here to post…

    You know I love the camera, my calling…umm yeah well…i could so see the container thing in my old dorm…

  6. Kalley C says:

    The quote is very true. It’s been taking me a long time to figure that out as well. I love the outfit! Also, that camera, is sweet!

  7. Definitely like the outfit. Especially if I can get the NYDJ version of the jeans.

  8. That holiday winter outfit is the JAM! I have worn out my tall boots and need some new ones.

  9. I love that decorative container. Such a great idea. And I hope you get a new camera for Christmas! Canon is the way to go! I have a Canon 6D.

  10. Katherine G says:

    I absolutely love that quote.

    That outfit is adorable. I can do without the necklace as well.

    What a cute way to pretty up storage draws.

  11. Nellie says:

    That quote is so real!! Love the outfit.

  12. Lashawn says:

    Yes yes and yes for the quote!!!
    I love the boots but red pants…..

  13. miss donna says:

    yep. that quote is very true…i like that one. not sure why the necklace was put with the outfit, but everything else about it is on point. cute. i can’t handle no heavy duty camera equipment. i struggle with the one on my phone. no comment on your craft project that ain’t gone happen!! LOL!

  14. april says:

    I love that pin. It’s so true too! I will have to pin it too lol. That Camera is on my list too. I have to have it!

  15. This quote is so true. Girl, and I want that camera too! Hope Santa does you right!

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