Convo With the Po Po

Today I have a guest on the blog with her own conversation. Make sure you take a read because you never know when the po po will be having a conversation with you.

Kita’s conversations are one of my favorite blog posts to read on Friday.

I recently had an interesting conversation that I wanted to share with you!

When I got off from my primary job after the 4th of July, I was headed to my part time passion to teach not 1 but 2 fitness classes.  There is a small window I have to get off, change clothes, get to the gym and ready to teach

 I drove by this police officer & saw him glance over at me suspiciously.

Pause – Granted, I do ride with me seat ALLLL the way back & I do look a little crazy when I get off from the night shift, compared to a normal day.

Convo with the PoPo

However, it was no reason for the following occurrence….

 Lights come on, I pull over

 Him: License please (hands him the license with as much smile as I can muster because I thought my heavy foot had gotten the best of me)…. Is this your car?

 Me: (side-eye) YES!  (Thinking – No one ever pulled me over to ask me way my 95 Camry was mine)

 Him: Ma’am do you know why I stopped you?

 Me: No Sir (I will play the game, I’ve had too many speeding tickets in the past) I do not

 Him: I stopped you because your tag is expired

 Hold up wait, how did he figure that out so quickly????  Really you stopped me because of your first question but


 Me: (thinking he’s full of it) Nooooo, I don’t have the sticker on there but it’s probably in my pile of mail

 Him: No, I checked…It’s expired… you just had a birthday … Insurance card please…

 Me: (cussing myself for the backed up email inbox and pile of mail on my floor) I’m sorry, I live in two places and my mail gets backed up, the renewal must have gotten past me…

(I can hear my Mother and Father’s voices: You really don’t need to let that mail pile up like that)

 SN: Now I can’t find my insurance card & I’m getting frustrated

 He’s just standing there looking at me.

 Me: (while shuffling through my wallet that contains about 30+ cards to who knows where) I’m sorry, I work the night shift, and I’m a little flustered…

 Him: Where do you work?

 Me: (frustrated at all the nosiness of the morning) At the 24 Hour Pharmacy down the street

 Him: What do you do at the 24-HOUR PHARMACY (stresses the syllables in all of that)

 Me: I’m the overnight pharmacist (I’m 38 hot right now)

 Him: OHHH (like that explained everything walks off without insurance card)

 He comes back a few minutes later.

 Him: Alright Ms. Lady, make sure you take care of that tag before someone gives you a citation.  You have a good night!

 Me: Thank you!

 I really am thankful but I have so many emotions running through me!   I felt profiled and nothing I could do about it, after all…I was in the wrong…

 BBUUUTTTTT…How he discovered it….

 Rx Fitness Lady wants to know

·         How do you keep up with snail mail? Do you open it daily, weekly, or random?

·         Do you know your rights when being pulled over?

·         Do you think I’m trippin or was I right to feel some type of way about this occurrence?

Joi is a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. She teaches BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serves as a mentor to young girls. Her goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, & on The SITS Girls site as a Community Lead. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.



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49 Responses to Convo With the Po Po

  1. The Dose of Reality says:

    First of all…I love when blogs I read get together! LOVE IT…okay….

    NO!! You are not trippin!! There is NO WAY you weren’t profiled!! GAH. Then when he hears you are a pharmacist you are suddenly okay because I guess that passed muster for him?! I am seething!

    I think you’re right, there’s nothing you can do if your tags were expired, but sheesh. (Oh, and I’m horrible about keeping up with the mail so I’m no help there) –Lisa

  2. Nellie says:

    I don’t keep up with the mail at all, it is a huge travesty. SMH. You were totally profiled, why do they have to be such jerks??

    I would totally feel some type of a way about this because he was just ALL up in your biz! goodness!!

    Love that pic :)

  3. Teems says:

    Sometimes they are jerks but cops use tag readers now. They film any car passing by and can pick that up all the information associated with the vehicle. I only know this because the officers in my family. I’m not sticking up for him but he probably only assumed it wasn’t yours because it was expired. Now if you knowingly knew that, it would be a citation but he believed you. I hate when they ask you all those questions but they do that to test your patience and credibility. Not that its OK but I have had worst experiences. Troopers are the worst encounters to me.

  4. Teems says:

    Knowingly drove around like that* I mean.

  5. sweetsavant says:

    Anytime I have to speak to an officer, regardless of the circumstance, I feel like I a tongue tied twelve year old. I always feel as if they’re looking at me sideways

  6. Britton says:

    Oh see…I find it funny that all of a sudden when he found out you were a pharmacist he no longer needed the insurance card…SMH! I do feel like you were profiled! The world we live in…it’s a shame.

  7. Bernetta says:

    Enjoyed the convo with the Po Po and happy that you didn’t get a ticket. I do believe you were profiled. It’s so sad though. It all changed when you said you were a Pharmacist. And as for snail mail. I have gotten better about it because you never knw what’s inside. Now that I am a blogger, I get so many deals or GC from places I don’t recognize that I open it all up!

    • Hi Bernetta! Thanks for the feedback. I really need to get on top of my snail mail. It’s so annoying with all the electronics these days. It’s like, who is really still mailing anything significant.

  8. Derrick Thomas says:

    When you are pulled over in the state of Georgia you don’t have to have anything but your drivers license. Everything is done electronically so he could have looked it up. The other question about it being your car was bet unnecessary. Anything else was based on how fast you were really going. But I Believe you were profiled though.

  9. Each state is different and in NC you have 15 days to get your tags renewed after the end of the month. Say mine expired in July. I had ALL 31 days plus 15 in August to fix that situation. It is the same time every year. No excuses on forgetting. It is a BIG fine if you don’t do it. AND every cop on the way home can stop you and give you the same ticket. AND they will.
    We have had it happen. Sucks
    Glad you didn’t get one.
    on the snail mail, I open it as soon as I take it out of the box and come inside. I open it over the trash, junk goes in the can,bills go in a file and things I need to take care of go on the desk.

  10. Being profiled seems like the norm these days.

    I hate that birthday renewal nonsense that they have in GA. They usually send an email notification and I complete it online.

    I have to do better about snail mail because it piles and piles and piles.

  11. As long as I don’t get a ticket…the Po Po can profile away! lol

    I am also terrible with the mail. I normally sit down once a month and go through everything and throw away the junk. I look at it daily, but never really take care of it. Terrible, I know.

  12. Kim says:

    First, thanks for introducing me to a new blog today!!!
    Bummer on getting pulled over after working all night – because we already know how much crap you put up with at work!!! Glad he let you go but still….
    And, I’m a bit anal and open the mail everyday – one of those things that I can’t break!

    • Isn’t that the truth Kim! Can I just redirect my mail to you then???

      Kita’s blog is great! Her convos are WAY more entertaining than this one, but somehow I thought it was still appropriate for her awesome blog!

  13. Thank you so much for having me Kita! It was an honor to be over here with your readers on a Friday!

  14. Sounds like Po Po was on a profiling agenda, Joi. Dumbest. Thing. Evaaahhh!

    I’m the Mayor of Analville, so I go through mail each time I take it out the mailbox. I dump the junk so it doesn’t even enter the house, and the stuff I can handle that evening I deal with. More detailed stuff has to wait for the weekend!

    Glad to have found out about this blog too!

    • *Sighs* One of the joys of working the night shift is when you read stuff like Analville after an 11 hr shift, it doesn’t register! My first thoughts were, hey I didn’t know she was the mayor of her hometown, lol! I need to go to sleep!

      Thanks for coming over Alison!

  15. Tamara says:

    Every state is different but when I was in Jersey I managed to get myself in trouble countless times. Once..I drove around with an expired license, expired registration and no insurance. Right? What would your mom and dad say to me? Not only that, once I drove through a toll like that. So I got pulled over for four reasons and somehow managed to get myself out of that one. I’ll never know.

    This story makes me mad, though. Profiling you?? You’re one of the most unique people I know. I’m glad there was no ticket or I would be seething through the computer.

  16. Being from the south myself, I am going to assume you were profiled first. But girl go through your mail!! I tell you what’s worse though – when you go paperless with the insurance stuff and you don’t check your e-mail. So here’s the thing…. don’t go paperless with insurance paperwork ;-)

  17. Hey Joi! No, I don’t think you were over reacting at all! It’s sad that he warmed up to you when he found out you were a professional…smh! As far as snail mail and email. Let’s just say I’ve got a system for snail mail. If I haven’t opened it within a month or two after getting it…it goes in the trash. I know, I know…my husband HATES that! Oh, well…I HATE CLUTTER. Now emails on the other hand…I have over 4,000 in one email inbox and a little over 23,000 in the other…IKR!!! I have a hard time discarding emails…go figure! Have a great weekend Joi!

  18. Ilene Evans says:

    You totally weren’t over reacting – and I think it’s interesting how he changed his tune after you said you were a pharmacist. And I am the worst with Snail Mail! I went to North Carolina back in April and drove and didn’t have my new registration card in the car with me because it was in my pile of snail mail and I was terrified of being pulled over and driving with an expired – even though the new card was sitting at home!

  19. Yes, Joi, being pulled over like that does sounds suspect (pun intended). The holiday occurrence makes the PoPo even more anxious to throw their weight around. I look at my snail mail when I get it, but I’m notorious for leaving it in piles on the kitchen counter afterward.

  20. Katherine G says:

    I totally think you were profiled. I have a new blog to read yay!!! I know of Kita reads you, you are great!! I’m glad you didn’t a ticket. I try to read my mail whenever I check it. I’m bad about checking it when my kids are out of school.

  21. Krissy says:

    I kinda think you were trippin. I know when I have paid for tags I make sure I watch out for that mail if nothing else. It doesn’t seem like he was aggressive or rude. I just think people drive with expired tags all the time and that’s a fine that the city can collect on. I do think the cop might has been bored because a lot of times they let the expired tags slide but I don’t think you were profiled.

  22. Michelle says:

    I’m a little confused on how this is considered profiling especially when you were in the wrong. I’ve been pulled over for an expired tag before, but I got a ticket. The officer driving behind me decided to run my plates and that is what came up so he pulled me over. As a previous poster said I too have been told that officers run plates all the time to see what they can get. I thought profiling was more so been targeted innocently.

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