Pinterest Wednesday

You know the drill qoute, outfit, upcoming holiday (labor day) and something odd. Enjoy

Quote ~ All my mistakes I have learned from that’s why we should listen to our elders

Source: via Sherice on Pinterest

Outfit ~ This is me all day in the winter the purse can go though.

Source: via P on Pinterest

Labor Day ~ Burger cake/cupcake…brownies hell I don’t know what it is but it’s so cute I wouldn’t want to eat it.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Something odd ~ This is going to be my new new. The adult carpi sun ohhh the many things I could cook up…..

Source: via Kita on Pinterest

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12 Responses to Pinterest Wednesday

  1. I’ve that something odd, that lemonade in a bag is cute. I’m not sure if I’m digging the cupcakes, the idea is kinda cute and I thing that kids would love them.

  2. Kim says:

    I made the burger cupcakes for the 4th and they were so good and easy to make! You should make them. Your family will love it. I need to make those adult drinks too. That would be good for cooking out on labor day.

  3. Girl, I pinned that adult capri sun! I AM going to try it! LOL

  4. Brenda says:

    LOVE the outfit and those cupcakes! I’d have a hard time NOT eating them but boy, they are pretty! Bet they taste delicious! Now I’m hungry! :)

  5. Whitney says:

    The OOTD is me too in the winter, the quote is on point and the adult capri sun, going to repin it now.

  6. Denise says:

    love all of these, you have great taste! those cupcakes are too cute.

  7. The adult capri sun…I like. I saw something similar to this that was saling on amazon.

  8. Jenni says:

    I want those boots. The “burgers” are too cute to eat. I need that adult capri sun in my life!

  9. KalleyC says:

    Mmm, the burger cupcake looks yummy. I’m afraid of trying that bad boy out, it won’t make it out of my kitchen.

  10. Krystyn says:

    Loving those greys and blacks. Totally my style.

    And, now I want a capri sun!

  11. Teems says:

    2 Adult Capri Suns please!

  12. Autumn says:

    Love the quote! Isn’t that the truth?!
    The outfit is adorable (and I actually like the bag. I don’t typically like bags, and never carry one!)
    The Pinterest food looks yummy, but like you, I wouldn’t know what to do with it ;)
    And the Adult Juice beverages look so good and fun! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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