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  1. The website for Kokoa Magazine is now up and running. How I will keep up with both websites I don’t know this will be hard but I am going to set myself up on a schedule so don’t be confused if you see me leave a comment with either this address or the kokoa mag address. The website will only be updated once a week normally every Monday and I will tweet during the week the topics on the website. I also joined pinterest to help me spread the word. Let me know how you like the website and I will be doing a mini newsletter on my Facebook page so like that page also because that’s where everyone will get the first dibs and looks on everything. The magazine will be posted on August 1st in the Magazine August Issue tab at the top of the page.
  2. How to grow your small business ~ This is a great article on how to grow your business. I hate when I go to a twitter page or a Facebook page and I can’t find the web address for that business. Word of mouth is great but if you want to grow your business have something other than one social media platform. Now if you don’t want to grow your business and you want to do just word of mouth that’s okay because not everyone wants to be that big some people do things as a hobby. I understand that completely. I cook for people but I don’t blast it because that’s not something I want to take big time it’s just by word of mouth. This magazine however is something I want to take to the next level so I will have all social media platforms for it.
  3. The infestation of the crickets in my house is about to drive me crazy. I don’t know why but during this time of the year up until about the end of August we get an enormous amount of crickets. We have called terminix and the orkin man but they are way too high they wanted 100 dollars to come and spray for 1 month that’s way too much right now so we just use our own handy dandy orthro which does not work that good because we kill about 3 crickets per day. Well I don’t my son does he says he is the cricket killer. I just want them gone imagine one jumping on you while you nap on your couch……….imagine it I said.
  4. Helping a family evicted ~ This story is sad 11 kids *sigh* I want to say more but this is not the time to judge. If you can help do so. I don’t walk in her shoes so I can’t imagine the hard time she is having. I can barely raise 2 let alone 11 that is unimaginable. Help someone in need if you have it because so many people need it people whom you think don’t do. Just because they smile everyday or say nothings wrong you really have no idea sometimes.
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10 Responses to Talk Tuesday

  1. K. Rock says:

    Girrrrlll, I couldnt do it with those crickets. I think I wouls have to move out. We took extermination into our own hands when the roaches got out of control. You can get everything you need from Lowe’s. Industrial stuff. It works too! Lemme know if you want more details.

  2. Dr. Reginia says:

    1. The magazine looks great. You’ve done a fantastic job. It’s going to be a big hit.

    2. I am at my wits end with small business. I hate to be this way but the level of service slays me each and every time.

    3. Girl, I feel your pain. I have silverfish or something like that. They think they are paying mortgages around here..NOT!

    4. Sigh…that woman and that situation. I can’t add anything positive.

  3. The website is beautiful!!!
    We have an infestaion of spiders. I am at my wits end and might have to come up with that money for the Orkin man.
    And the 11 kids. that is so sad. On so many levels.

    • Dr. Reginia says:

      RD – if you have those silver fish spiders, don’t bother with extermination because they don’t work… as a matter of fact, they don’t work on any spiders out here. I’ve tried and tried.

  4. Trice says:

    Girl I couldnt deal with no chirpping behind crickets! I wish I could help the lady with 11 kids..thats so sad.

  5. We get crickets and rolly pollies(not sure on the spelling or name). Do you subscribe to the living social deals? Sometimes they have exterminator discounts on there depending on where you live. Terminix sends out a lot of coupons as well. If it wasn’t for coupons and such, we would be stuck doing it ourselves.

  6. Latorsha says:

    We had crickets once and my husband bought some kind of spray and that took care of them. I know it was either at home depot or Lowes.
    Now here on the coast we see lizards!!!! But at least they stay outside. :-/

  7. Whitney says:

    The crickets would drive me crazy, I already don’t sleep well. They would have to go. We always have a bunch of ants, that’s about it. I love Kokoa, I’ve added it to my RSS feed.

  8. Brenda says:

    Woohoo!! Congrats on the new webby! It looks fabulous gf!! I hate crickets! My old tomcat used to catch em, rip off their legs, and then leave em laying around the house. Titan just looks at em. :) We have a mess of june bugs right now. Those things are annoying and will dive bomb your head! EEK!

  9. KalleyC says:

    Crickets? Oh my, I could not take any chirping in my home either. Hope that gets resolved soon.

    As for the story with the woman with the kids, that’s a sad situation. I hope things work out for that family.

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