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1. The new drug of choice these days are bath salts. Now when I was pregnant I use to eat the morton salts the doctor checked my iron but apparently I was just craving salt I use to take a handful and just crunch them in my mouth then spit it out. Nowadays people are getting high off bath salts. I am not a druggie nor a street pharmacist but bath salts….like c’mon son. How does one get a hold of this do men just go buy it from the store or steal it from our cabinets. I don’t even own any bath salts personally so I am just curious how they started this trend.

2. The newsletter is out for next week the last Kokoa Magazine newsletter. I will be transitioning over to the website on the 15th so I will be doing a smaller newsletter on facebook. Make sure you follow me over there because that’s where I give all exclusive information about the magazine you also get sneak peaks of everything. Please add my website to your reader I can’t wait I still have a few more things to do but the magazine is pretty much 80% done so stay tuned.

3. People don’t use cash much these days ~ I was reading this article the other day and thought how true. I don’t carry cash around at all with me anymore. Hell I don’t even write checks either I don’t even order them because it’s a waste of money. If I have to send something to someone I use a money order or send it through the website. Cash is becoming a thing of the past. The other day I drove through drive through at sonics for happy hour the drink was 99 cents I did not even have a dollar on me *sigh* it’s bad y’all it’s real bad.

4. Have you seen the new spider man. I kinda like it the other ones were decent but this one has an edge to it. It was much more interesting this time around. I love when they can find new characters to resurrect some life in some of these movies. The hubs and I were talking about old movies that, with the right characters, can be brought back to life. E.T is one of them in this day and age ET would be a computer generated species that probably did more than just ride a bike in the air. I would also like to see them bring back Imitation of life I love that movie. Speaking of resurrect that poor Oprah network is going down her and Tyler Perry need to come together and bring some life into tv.

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9 Responses to Talk Tuesday

  1. Roses Daughter says:

    I just don’t get the bath salt thing at all.
    I never carry cash anymore. Which is a problem since Pookah needs a dollar every Tuesday for the ice cream man.

  2. Dr. Reginia says:

    Girl this bath salt crazy isn’t cool at all. These people are acting worse than any other druggie to date. I just don’t understand the desire to get high.

    I am very excited about the progress of your magazine. It’s totally awesome.

    I rarely carry cash but that’s about to change. From the ppl I’ve met in Abu Dhabi, cash is the way to roll.

    I am so not a movie girl. I typically go once a year or so. After the fiasco that was Madea’s Witness Protection, eh I won’t go for a while. OWN needs to get some better programming AND she needs to make sure that it’s in Comcast’s basic package. For me, it would cost extra to watch…and I am not going to pay extra for OWN. NO MA’AM

  3. The other day after buying gas, I was craving chocolate. I bought a single piece at the register for 50 cents and didn’t even have it on me. I hate swiping my card for little things like that.

    The bath salts…I just don’t understand.
    I’m looking forward to the magazine!

  4. I’m ok with no cash and I really wish we could move to no receipts too – I hate receipts!!
    Poor Oprah… she’s good for an hour but all day every day – nope… too much of a “good” but boring thing

  5. Brenda says:

    When I first heard about the bath salt thing, I was like “What the heck?” Well, something more vulgar but you know what I mean. Kids will do anything know in search of a high. I just don’t get it. I’ve liked your page on facebook. Look forward to hearing more! Cash, Smash. I get $20 out for the week. When that’s gone, it’s all debit card baby! :)

  6. BossyGirl says:

    THat bath salt mess is crazy!!! Who in the hell would eat that crap??? Beyond me!

  7. Latorsha says:

    Bath salts……smh
    I am trying to carry a little cash…..but I just don’t usually have any. Lol

  8. KalleyC says:

    Bath salts, seriously, I don’t get it either. As for the cash, I usually end up using my card for a lot of things, but I try to at least to carry cash with me, usually no more than a $20

  9. brandi says:

    I never carry cash either. I didn’t even have change for the ice cream truck.

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