Weekend Wrap Up

I had a busy weekend birthday parties like you wouldn’t believe. I am sick of these kids and all their friends I am glad they have friends but these parties are wearing down on my poor pocketbook and I have declined so many already that it ain’t funny. I am going to two more parties next month and that’s it everybody else better cool it for the summer. On to other news, as you may have noticed I have an ad spot on the side of my page for ads. Yes I am incorporating ads into my blog. I feel like I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and I have a solid fan base I feel it’s time to tap into some advertising potential. The Google Analytic thingy says I get over 3,000 unique visitors per month….I don’t know if that’s good or bad but it’s a start. I am so nice I know I am going to offer spaces for the cheap because I love my small businesses. I will have the media kit up by the end of the week so stay tuned. Here is a great website that gave me a few tips on how to make money blogging. Now don’t get it twisted I am not here to make money this is just a fun way for me to promote others it’s not about the money it’s about selling something I believe in and helping others in the process.

What I really wanted to talk about today was the school bus monitor who was bullied. I saw the video on hot topics last night.

What is wrong with our youth today? The calling of the names, the bullying, the killing, the don’t care attitudes. I don’t know what is going on are parents not being parents anymore. Do kids get this from the parents. When I was growing up we would not even think about doing no mess like this. My mom would have been waiting for me at the bus stop if a teacher had told her I did something like this. I have also heard a lot of parents say that they don’t want their kids riding the bus because of these types of behaviors. I feel so bad for that bus monitor so bad because it’s a shame that there is no respect for people anymore. Let that had been my kids doing that mess……try me.

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8 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Roses Daughter says:

    I saw that video. I was soooo disgusted. SMH.

  2. Dr. Reginia says:

    I know yall get tired of me talking about my time in education… BUT know this… I am NOT at the maturity level of the bus monitor. It would have gone down very differently.

    Parents need to teach children proper decorum. I’ve taken a parent or two to court for being disruptive and I think more teachers should.

  3. Stesha says:

    Those kids would have been shaking in their seats when it was all said and done. I would have went stir crazy on that bus. The parents should have given them something to think about once they found out what happened. My kids know to think twice before they get out of line with anyone.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. Whitney says:

    Yes a totally different outcome. My momma was a bus monitor and trust me, we would probably be raising bail money for some or all of us!

  5. I hear you on those birthday parties!! Child please!!!!!!!!! Gifts are not cheap! I am glad you are adding ads, I don’t have any on my blog but I want to do the same thing!!! I hope you get some revenue from it. And as for the bus, speechless. Kids these days…. but more importantly > parents these days! SMH!

  6. Mimi says:

    Exactly why I won’t let mine ride the bus. Total disrespect. I blame the adults to an extent. If they weren’t allowing such behavior these kids wouldn’t be carrying on like this. So sad

  7. Unknown Mami says:

    I can’t even watch the video because I know it will get me all riled up.

  8. KalleyC says:

    I saw about that in the news and saw the video, and after I read it I was pissed. Since when don’t children don’t respect their elders or people who are authority figures.

    Dang, you can’t help but look at the parents in this case. I would not want my child riding the bus with this nonsense going.

    The response to the children however was somewhat harsh, some of them got death threats.

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