Whatever Wednesdays

First off let me thank all my new readers those who comment and those who don’t. I love you all and I have gotten so many hits on my page here recently I am so thankful. I have been so busy that I need to do a giveaway that is coming trying to get my pennies in order because I want to do something kinda big. I have been so busy working behind the scenes that it’s not funny. First off I am working on my own ebook that should be finished soon and I am also working with a few friends to launch a new online magazine which is a lot of work but so much fun. I love my blog and you all know I crank out posts Monday – Friday but with everything else that’s going on with me I have to cut back some. I will only be doing posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I will miss cranking out posts but this magazine is very important to me and I want to focus most of my attention on that. So on Tuesdays I will have my Talk about whats going on in my life and my weekend wrap up, then on Wednesdays I will do my wordless remix with pinterest and whatever else is on my mind, and of course I will be keeping Kita’s Chronicles that has been a big hit with everyone. So with that said I want to thank everyone again so much for sticking with me.

Quote~ We all want what we think looks good and we put that in our head but that is just not how life works. Get that picture out of your head and you will be okay with everything that happens.

Source: a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net via Linda on Pinterest

Fashion~ This is something I would wear all day everyday. I have the shorts and the earrings all I need is the shirt, the bag, and the shoes.

Source: fashionworship.com via Kita on Pinterest

Mothers Day Gift~ Cute blanket for mothers day

Source: mymomshops.blogspot.com via Kita on Pinterest

The New resume~ Now if this won’t get you a job I don’t know what will.

Source: loftresumes.com via Kita on Pinterest

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6 Responses to Whatever Wednesdays

  1. I can’t wait to see the magazine! And I LOVE that quote!

  2. Cam |Bibs & Baubles says:

    You are one busy bee! Keep it up girlie!

  3. ebook and online mag! how fab!!! I’m cheering you on!

  4. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    Im so excited about your magazine Kita!! I love the outfit
    You put together!!

  5. So excited to what is in store next!!

  6. attorney2be says:

    Both of your new endevors sound exciting. I may not always get a chance to post on your blog but I do read the posts. You are such a faithful commenter on mine that I promise to do better. I can’t wait to read the new e-book and magazine. Good luck with both.

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