Tasty Thursdays: Pizza Time

Who has the best pizza? I love pizza, the baby loves pizza, the hubs loves pizza but my son hates pizza. He says its stuff on there and the the sauce is not ketchup and I lied to him and told him it was, just so he could eat it. Normally a Medium pizza will do all of us I usually will eat 2 slices the baby will eat about 2 and a half and the rest goes to the hubs. I am a sucker for pizza but who has the best in my opinion I just can’t decide so can you all help me out. Who do you think has the best pizza for the best price? Let’s look at a few places.

1. Pizza Hut- They say it’s the best pizza but for me I disagree maybe they use to be good but lately here, at least the one buy me, it’s not hitting like it use too. The cheese seems bland and the crust is blah.

2. Papa Johns- I use to eat this a lot in college because it’s the only place that delivered to our dorm room. I love the garlic sauce and the crust is good but I get tired of them quickly

3. Dominoes- They are trying to spice it up with some new square pizzas and I heard they are looking to add burgers to the menu. Dominoes is the first pizza I ever had and I was about 5 my mom ordered it for the first time and I was in heaven but that was 20 something odd years ago times have changed.

4. Little Ceasers- They use to have this in Kmart when I was younger then it disappeared and now it’s back with a vengeance. They even have people holding sings for the 5 dollars. I had them one time and one time only….yeah I would rather make my own homemade pizza.

5. Sam’s Club Pizza- For 8 bucks you can get an extra large pizza oozing with cheese. My hubs turned me on to this pizza he swears it’s the most cheesiest for the price. I agree I do love them but sometimes my poor heart can’t take the grease.

6. California Pizza Kitchen- I like the variety but is it me or did they go down. I use to love them but I had some by perimeter mall here in Atlanta a couple of months ago and I felt I wasted 40 bucks.

7. Mellow Mushroom- I had this for the first time last summer I will not be having it again. Hated the crust

Which pizza place do you like? Do you have some more to add to the list?

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11 Responses to Tasty Thursdays: Pizza Time

  1. KalleyC says:

    I totally gave up on chain pizza joins. In Brooklyn we have so many individual pizza parlors out here that I just like to go to the local one. They usually are so much better than the Papa John’s or the Domino’s that exists here.

  2. As a New Yorker and Brooklyn native I am insulted by this post lol. NO CHAINS. Best pizza is a store with a brick oven some dudes making fresh pizza.
    But… if you HAVE to go with a chain – I like Little Ceasers because it’s cheap as dirt but I will take that with a side of the Papa Johns butter sauce.

  3. brandi says:

    We like Nancy’s Pizza, Fellini’s and Villa’s. I miss being able to get a good slice of pizza. Brother’s Pizza in South Jersey was the best.

  4. Cam |Bibs & Baubles says:

    I gotta go with CPK. I just love their BBQ chicken pizza. :)

  5. Jenni says:

    I like Papa John’s, Mellow Mushroom and CPK.
    However, in my house, hubby prefers the closest he can get to pizza he grew up with in NY. So, we only eat Papa John’s if they had it at his job and it’s leftover. Mellow Mushroom on rare occasions and I have CPK when I’m in ATL.
    After trying every mom and pop pizza shop, we finally have two that he approves.

  6. im all over papa john’s but i also love Pizza hut..honestly it just has to be hot and taste good in my state:-)

  7. K. Rock says:

    I like Pizza Hut the best but rarely get it bc they dont deliver to us. Dominoes does so we eat them most of the time. They’re pizza used to be inedible but they have stepped it up lately and now it is quite good.

  8. Dr. Reginia says:

    Nancy’s Chicago Style Pizza is delicious. I usually go to the one on Ponce. If I have to have pizza, I’ll have Pizza Hut Meatlovers thin crust.

  9. Quiana says:

    Gaby’s in Queens is hands down my fave (featured on Rachel Ray and drove up the price!) – DH’s family is out there and he grew up on it, so I get it whenever we go. Growing up my dad made pizza every Friday night, and I’ve carried on the tradition. We have a bit of an obsession in our home about perfecting homemade pizza, and I think we got it down pat! We have a pizza stone and use Peter Reihnart’s dough recipe and America’s Test Kitchen’s sauce recipe. We freeze the it all in advance and have it whenever we want it. Our friends who come over and try it say it’s the best and for the price it’s a couple bucks a pie which beats out the $2.50/slice NYC price. Also, DH makes a fabulous deep dish that is very time consuming but puts Pizzeria Uno’s to shame!

  10. miss donna says:

    Papa John’s. no doubt about it! their garden fresh pizza is the bomb! on a completely unrelated topic – Pizza Hut has the best wings. :)

  11. DCSquared says:

    I LOVE ME SOME PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…I’m no pizza snob, I will eat ANY kind! LOL

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