My last post for Say What

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I am going to keep this short and sweet. This is my last post. I have to go out of town twice this month on business trips one for Kokoa and the other for Focus and I got a lot of work to do. Thank you all for the support it means so much. I did shed a thug tear but I will be alright. I would appreciate it if you all would sign up for my newsletter for Focus Dezigns. Sign up Link is here  It will only be twice a month I come out with a newsletter (1st and 15th) Every newsletter will have something for you in it that is free. I will have branding tips, design tips, and print work. I think a newsletter will be good for Focus since it’s a business and I can offer more free things in it. Sign up and you could get a free website done, a free logo, invitation, business card, cupcake toppers, etc.

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I will miss you all so much but hope to see you within my other ventures.

Signing off…………..Kita Bryant


P.S. This account will go into maintenance mode at the end of the month

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Talk Tuesday

I am going to miss doing these *cries*

1. So I won’t be doing the pinterest Wednesday anymore I will be gradually shutting things down and that is going to cut out. I am however still doing my #365project I do not follow the rules at all I take multiple photos a day and then drag them out for the entire week. I have enough pictures to last me for the next two weeks….don’t judge me. One of the latest pictures is one I took of my kids for their snow day last week. This was day 28/365 I think


Do you know my hubs mom had the nerve to say I shouldn’t take the kids outside because they will catch a cold…..I politely said and why do you care you live 20 min up the street and don’t even bother to babysit or do shat for my kids….I said it politely.

2.  So I have a confession to make….I don’t always brush my teeth first thing in the morning. I get kids up get them ready for school cook breakfast fix school lunch then brush my teeth……when I have dropped them off to school. Do not judge me some of y’all don’t floss regularly. Have you heard they are coming out with a new chocolate flavored toothpaste? I don’t know about this I mean I do like thin mints is that how it will taste on my teeth like I just ate a bunch of thin mints. I am a fan of crest but they running out. Just like they coming out with two new oreos Marshmallow and Cookie dough…..I mean it’s too much or is it.


3. When I first heard this song on the radio last week. I had no idea who sang it. The words of the song just touched me for some reason and I spent at least 3 hrs trying to find the name of the song and the person who sang it. Thank goodness the gospel station here in Atlanta has a list of all the songs they have played within 24 hrs…wish I had known that before I went searching like a fool could have saved me a couple of hrs anywhoo this song right here touches me deep to the core.

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Saying Goodbye


I have told a few people but I will make it official on here. I am shutting down Saywhatuwanna. I have grown tired of the bloggy world. It’s nice but I am moving on to doing me. I want to be known as editor in chief of Kokoa Magazine or owner of Focus Dezigns not a blogger. Blogging is nice but it’s over saturated and for me it’s time to get out.  The only thing I was worried about was losing my audience on saywhatuwanna but I think I have built up Kokoa enough to ditch this ship in a good way. A lot of people are confused and think that Kokoa is a blog let me break this down in my own way.

A blog to me is a personal journey of something you are doing in a certain niche like a mommy blog, or a food blog, or a fashion blog, or a journal about what you do on a daily. A magazine is like a news report for where I am doing articles based on some opinion but mostly facts and I cover more ground by doing everything not just one niche. Online magazines normally focus on editorial content with additional multimedia features, interviews etc. We have editors most bloggers don’t. You can disagree and say Kokoa is a blog that’s fine call it what you may but I will continue to call it an online magazine and all of my content are articles.

Aimed at general public
Unbiased to a certain extent
Largely professional
Staff or contributors
Various sections: features, profiles, travel, education, etc.

Not largely fact-checked
Not always professional – some are
Typically sole-contributor
Typically fewer sections – if any
Almost diary style-driven

I plan on shutting down Say What because I do not have the time to dedicate to it anymore but no worries. I have a  tumblr that I will be on that I will link to Kokoa and you can come there to see me and my 365 day photos and conversations. I will miss Say What it breaks my heart to have to shut it down but I can’t do it all and something has to go. I will still have the site up as I move some of my conversations to Tumblr I renewed it until Nov so it will still be around until then. I will officially stop writing on here probably by the end of Feb. but lights will go off in Nov. Will I come back to this space….right now no but I never say never. I am moving all of my blog buddies into one reader and getting rid of some people as I combine them so you will start to see me posting from Kokoa more often and commenting from that platform.

I have met so many wonderful bloggers and I truly believe a few of them will become great friends. If I had PR or a social media person for Kokoa I might could try to swing it out here for the rest of the year but I am swamped with emails and with Focus so I just don’t have the time + my kids are growing I hate having to tell them mommy is busy doing 50 million things I have to take some time to spend with them. Instead of writing posts for SayWhat  I could be taking that time to get articles and interviews lined up for Kokoa. If you are a regular commenter please request me on Facebook my name is Kita B and I will approve you on there. I will be back with my posts as usual for the next couple of weeks but look for me to be gradually shutting down no worries I will let you know when my last post will go up.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me and growing with me.


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Talk Tuesday

1. Did you all hear about the lady who stole over a million dollars over the course of 5 years and she was a cafeteria worker……and her house….she invested her stealings well. Let me tell you something you never know how people making it you be looking at them and wonder how such and such can do so much on so little. I had a neighbor who didn’t work she got 4 kids from a hand baby up to a teenager. I knew something was going on because I could not believe someone who made 9 bucks an hr with 4 kids and a wife that didn’t work can afford to live high on life. I found out that the husband was stealing from his job to support his side business….he got fired later on but his side business did well. This is a lesson never worry bout others cause you don’t know if they robbing peter to pay paul….< saying my mom use to say took me a long time to figure out the meaning.

2.  I have watched 20/20 for years my mom watched it faithfully every night since it came on and I myself now watch it often. One of their anchors Elizabeth Vargas recently came out and said she was an alcoholic. I think one of the grandmas who pick up their kids in my sons school line is one I swear she be swervin every morning and evening (we usually end up being behind each other she looks like she lives near me and follows the same route I take daily) It’s a disease and so many women drink it relaxes them. I admit I am a drinker but not on a daily only if I had a rough week do I visit my local store where they know me by name……this does not sound good……..I promise I don’t drink on a daily though….Do you know anyone that may be or was an alcoholic?

3. I won’t be posting tomorrow but I do have an announcement to make on Friday its going to be big so make sure you come back to read. My magazine is doing wonders I am so thankful for all the support I get I don’t get much but the little that I do get is better than nothing. We have squared away 5 promotions for next month one with and one with a up and coming food place in my hometown of Charleston, SC there are more but you will have to continue to read Kokoa to find out what they are. Have you joined our FB interactive newsletter? Shame on you if you haven’t. Y’all know how I feel about giveaways well we have two next month and only those who are on our FB interactive newsletter gets dibs on our prizes.

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Folding clothes

My kids are old enough to take the clothes out of the dryer. So I asked my daughter to take the clothes out for me while I was on a phone call…..I get off the phone and go to get the clothes so I can fold them

Me: Zaza omg you folded all the clothes so neatly and nice (towels were folded neatly, socks were balled up but they matched, and shirts were folded in half)

Zaza: Yes mommy I know you need help sometimes and I am here to help you whenever you need me

Me: *cries and hugs her*

As I was putting the clothes up she says

Zaza: but mom I will need you to pay me a lowance for this……

Me: What in the world …….what’s  lowance

Zaza: Money that you pay me to do the work you don’t wanna do….I take coins and dollars but I prefer coins so I can put them in my pink piggy bank

Me: ………………

So……I was happy about her folding up the clothes but I was not happy that she puts stipulations. Why can’t kids just do nice things these days …..why


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Pinteresting Wednesday

So I said I was going to try some things from pinterest. This week I didn’t try anything sadly I did not get a chance too been busy with Focus but here are my picks for the week. Quote, Outfit, Something for Valentines, and something Odd

Quote ~ Amen


Outfit ~ Can you see me wearing this? Probably not but it’s cute

How sexy is this "Bianca" V-Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit by plus size designer Dama Talya?source

Valentines Day~ These are made from cereal boxes… this is what I call crafting extreme.

Valentine holders from cereal boxes, cute! #valentines #kidssource

Something Odd ~ I love this to put in my bedroom

Family Photo Lamp Shade



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Talk Tuesday

News of the week

1. Auntie Oprah had a great article on her sight about the questions you should ask yourself this year. One of those questions were : What is your view from the vacant chair? Consider, for a minute, the chairs that nobody sits in. “You see them on porches and lawns,” writes poet Billy Collins, in his new collection Aimless Love. “Down by the lakeside, usually arranged in pairs, implying a couple.” What would happen, Collins asks, if everyone sat down in them? Not to look out at the water or enjoy the sunset but, “only for the sake of remembering what it was they thought they deserved to view…” What did you imagine lay ahead when you were 14 or 24 or 34 or 44 or even last year: A writer’s studio? A child fishing on the gravel? Your best friend calling you over? Is the view still the same? Has it changed? Or did you put it aside—and why?

This is a great question. When I was 14 I kept to myself. I don’t know if I was a typical teenager I stayed in the library, stayed hustling, and stayed busy. I had a smart mouth but I was determined to be me. At 24 I was getting ready to get married I was excited. I didn’t have a rich husband as a matter of fact my hubs was then a manager at KFC people told me why would you marry a 28 yr old manager of KFC you should wait for someone better with more money. My friends thought I settled but I had dreams that we would come together and build. Now I am closer to 34 and feel that owning my own is finally within reach and the hubs has his IT degree and working on doing big things at his current job. My view is still the same but instead of just viewing I am now doing. Look through some of the questions they are hard to answer but if you can it will give you a new fresh perspective this year.

2. Have a hard time coming up with your blog titles? Here is a site where you can tweak your titles. My titles are so general I never bother to put a title that will grab anyone’s attention. I might fix that then again I would rather just tweet out things that will be in each of my categories. I like my non descriptive blog titles like the one today…simply Talk Tuesday lol.

3. So the hubs finally got offered a job in his field……good news……bad news…’s in Washington, DC. We have 6 weeks to make a final decision we are even trying to see if we will take a trip up there to scope out the areas. I have spoken to some of my tweeps who are either from Washington or live there to get some realistic views on the situation. The job does not pay a lot it’s not 6 figures which I think is needed to live decently in Washington, DC. Most people have told us the job needs to pay at least 75,000 just to survive up there and the job does not. Sooooooo that is probably going to be a big factor in us moving there. I don’t want to go. I know nobody there, I am from down south the culture is vastly different, they don’t have a publix, I am already lonely here in Atlanta why move up there where I absolutely will fall into the depths of despair….< Okay maybe not the depths but close to it

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Convo with State Farm

So I got my bill for Jan from State Farm been with them for over 15 yrs never have too much problems with them this is maybe like my 4th problem in the last 15 yrs. To me that’s an excellent record. I normally don’t look at my bill for state farm because it’s the same thing every month but Zaza got a hold of it and said she was teaching her dolls about bills……..girl stop so I took the bill from her she had already opened it and shat. I glanced and saw that my bill was 200 something dollars I was like whaaaaaaa so I opened it up to see why and they have an extra 52 bucks on there from what I had no idea. I called them the Thursday after Christmas because I thought for sure they would be open I got no answer so I called corporate.

Me: Yes hi I am calling my local state farm seems to be closed and I was calling about an extra 50 bucks on my bill

Corporate: All agencies are supposed to be open whats the name of your agency

I give the name they put me on hold………

I get a beep on my phone it’s my agency dammit I love when corporate gets shat done. I clicked right on over

Agency: Ms Bryant we are in the office today you must have called the wrong number

Me: Haha you funny I called the number directly on my bill which is the same number you just called. I was born yesterday but not last night

Agency: We are right here I don’t know why no one picked up. Anyhow how can we help you. You have been such a faithful customer to us we would like to offer……….

Me: I ain’t call about all that why my bill up 50 something dollars

Agency: Ms Bryant let me put you on hold so I can take a look


Agency: Ms Bryant we will have to call you back I don’t know why your bill is this high and we can’t seem to figure it out.

Me: You got one hour or I will be calling back.

They called me back in 20 min

Agency: We think we charged extra for one of your insurances. Please disregard that for now and send in your regular payment.

Me: you think…….fine I need your name so I can write down date and time

Agency: Oh Ms Bryant you are fine I already documented it in the system

Me: Good now give me your name so I can document it in my system

I don’t play with these people when it comes to my bills. Always check your bills even if they are the same thing every month. Tmobile does that shat to me all the time adding extra stuff to my bill and on the bill it doesn’t really say why.

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Baking Cookies from scratch

I don’t bake… all. To many directions and measurements. In an effort to spend more time with the kids doing things other than being on our electronics I decided we would bake. As you know I am trying things from pinterest so this week we did chocolate chip cookies ….with no eggs. We use cream cheese below is the original recipe from pinterest. These cookies were so good the hubs asked me to make more and said he would go to the store that night to get anything I needed…..when I am sick your ass don’t go to the store…oh we off topic…….back to the cookies……*side eye*

Cream cheese chocolate chip cookies - So nice and chewy!!!source

Here is the recipe directly from the above source

  • 6 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 12 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled
  • 1 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups plus 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F and line baking sheets with parchment or silpat liners. In a large bowl or the bowl of an electric stand mixer, cream together the cream cheese, melted butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Mix in the vanilla. Add the dry ingredients and mix until mostly incorporated by a few dry streaks remain. Add the chocolate chips and mix until combined and no dry streaks remain.
  2. Roll the dough into 1 to 1 1/2-inch balls and place about 2 inches apart on the prepared baking sheets. Flatten each ball slightly with the palm of your hand (just barely press, you don’t need to flatten it all the way). Bake the cookies for 12-14 minutes until the edges are just barely golden brown. Let the cookies cool for a few minutes on the baking sheet and then transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely.

Recipe Source: adapted from here, found via Pinterest


cookies4 cookies3 cookiees4cookies2


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Talk Tuesday

News of the week

1. I want to say that I love the SITS girls. It’s about damn time they got a Facebook Group. When I tell you that is one of the best networking sites I am not lying. All my social sites went up by the droves when I joined the FB group. I even got rid of two other groups just to make room for them because I want to be active. They are so supportive I commented on 2 people and they both asked to be a part of Kokoa for the future. I even talked to one of the ladies privately and helped her to create a new blog space with new and fresh ideas. Loving it over there if you have not joined what are you waiting for.

2. The kids always want to pose in front of my camera…..let me correct that my daughter always wants to pose. My son he sees a camera he runs. Zaza said she wanted to do a photoshoot so we did one. I made my son join in too.

3. For the month of February we are doing a theme on Kokoa. I would love to have some of you on as guest writers. The theme is History….y’all thought we was gonna do love nah we gonna switch it up lol. I would love some stories on any of you researching your history, telling us the history of one of your favorite places, giving us the history of where you live, talking about a family member who may have a lesson in their past etc. If that’s you or someone you know email me at for more info. I choose the theme History not just because it’s black history month but I want to hear stories about people who have actually researched where they come from. It’s not a white thing or black thing it’s learning about who you are and where you originated from.  I want to research my history but stopped at a certain point because I had no more information about my family. Have you researched your history?


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